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Be a letter carrier and come work with us!

Here are some of the many great benefits to being a United States Postal Service Letter Carrier: In addition, you'll have the opportunity to join the National Association of Letter Carriers, aka NALC. NALC is the City Carrier's labor union. It is an organization of collective bargainers who fight for the rights of letter carriers employed by the USPS. Click here to learn more!

The USPS is old school and all applications need to be filled out on a computer. Thanks for bearing with us!

If you're on a computer, click here to go to the hiring portal.

No computer? No problem! There are USPS hiring gurus who are happy to help get your application going. Just reach out to them via e-mail!

Interested in learning more about NALC, and its history?
Watch The Revolt of the Good Guys, below!